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How Do I Clear Teams Cache?
Last Updated 9 months ago

Sometimes the cache needs to be cleared in MS Teams. Examples of this are:

  • Can't add a student to a team
  • Students cant access team content
  • Random things just not working as expected

The first step is to make sure teams is closed, not minimized, closed. Teams runs down in system tray, by the clock, it may be hidden press the little arrow to see all icons. when you see the teams icon right click on it (or click it with two fingers) to bring up the menu, choose quit. the icon should go away.


Now that teams is closed, you should not see the teams icon down in the system tray anymore. You can continue.

The fastest way to clear the cache is to open up Windows Explorer (yellow folder in task bar) copy and paste this into the box at the top:



Press enter to open this folder. Note - Once opened you will no longer see the variable %APPDATA% instead the actual path, this is okay.

Press Ctrl+a to select all files show in this folder. 

Press delete to remove these files. 

Say yes to confirm you want to delete them. If any other boxes pop up choose skip.

Cache is now cleared! 

Start teams again and the cache should be cleared and things should function as normal.

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