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How Do I Set a Default Printer?
Last Updated 9 months ago

Normally Under Windows 10, The printer is chosen based on the last printer you used in a particular application. This is different from previous versions of windows where there was a "Default Printer" and every other printer. To return to this behavior follow these steps:

First we need to open Control Panel  Click on the start menu and type in Control Panel It should show up in the list.


Depending on the view set in control panel, you may need to either click on View Devices and Printer under the Hardware and Sound Category, or you may be able to find it right from the initial window. 

Category View

Icon View

Either way you get there, you will see a list of printers you have installed. Right click  on the printer you wish to become the default printer and choose Set as Default Printer in the menu that opens.


Windows may display a message that says "Setting this printer as default means Windows will stop managing your default printer." Click OK


That should do the trick. You should see a little green check box by that printer now indicating that it is the default printer.

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